Country of manufacture – Netherlands.

Specializes in the manufacture of natural oak floors, which can be ordered in different sizes according to special requirements. The company has a large selection of products that are suitable for any use – domestic or commercial. Most floor manufacturing process is manual and undergoes many chapel control processes. Considered a leading company in Europe, its products are sold worldwide and used in many diverse projects and hotels, offices, shops and homes

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Country of manufacture – Finland.


Specializes in the production of three-layer wood parquet of various types: oak, beech, brick, woman, Marvo, cherry, and more. Its products meet the highest standards, and their quality control is uncompromising.
Karelia manufactures professional, floor-type sports floors. The company’s products have been implemented in several leading projects in the country,
Like the Hall of Culture and the Habima Theater.

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Country of manufacture – Sweden.

Specializes in the production of parquet from different types of oak – three-layer and two-layer.
This company is one of the oldest in Europe and is known for its extremely high production quality.
In addition, the company has all the necessary devices for wooden floors. You can visit the company’s website and be impressed by the wide variety.

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Country of manufacture – Germany

Specializes in the production of laminate floors
(wood-like parquet). The product comes in different sizes (thickness and width).
The selection of models and shades is large and spectacular, as well as the product quality is high.
The company has a water-resistant product that can be used in wet places.

The company is a leader in the development of innovative laminated products.

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Imports from the East

Concept imports natural wood parquet from Far Eastern countries.
The parquet is multi-layered and can be ordered in an oil or varnish finish.
The quality of the products is very high and the selection is large and impressive.